About the Studio 

Brane it's a 3D studio that converges the knowledge of different areas of 3D visualization & animation, merging them with contemporary and aesthetic languages to create striking images and animations to elevate our client's products & projects.

It's based in Porto, Portugal, and it shares the same workspace with other highly creative people, in different areas of expertise, Illustration, Product Design, Architecture, and Marketing. 

Being surrounded by these different dynamics we get a broad idea of the needs of our market for Product advertising and Architectural Spaces, these inputs help us push as forward unique results and creative ideas for 3D visualization and animation.

If you want to know us personally, it's possible to schedule a visit or a meeting, we have plenty of coffee and good energies to share with you.  


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José Gois

Creative director & founder

José Góis is a Freelance 3D Artist specializing in VFX, Product CGI & Archviz. He has worked with 40+ clients worldwide, including on TV animated series, creative agencies, product brands, interior and architectural studios from several countries. 
He's a certified Chaos Group Vray professional and the founder of BRANE Studio, he also shares his expertise with his team and the invited 3D artists. For professional business questions, please use the contacts below. 

m: +351 91 400 16 67 

e: jose@branestudio.com 

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115 R. B St. Cosme
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